File Type Mechanic

File Type Mechanic 1.0

File Type Mechanic will scan and fix file type associations in Windows
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File Type Mechanic is a nice program that can scan for missing files or file associations. The program comes with a database of file types. It knows which of your programs can open a particular file.
Scan results are given to you as lists of file types in different sections: “Extensions With Problems” are file types that have been assigned an invalid "Open With" program; “Extension Requiring Applications” are file types that cannot be opened on the current PC because the software that can open them is not installed. After fixing the file associations, you will be shown a list of products that you can download to open the file types that have no viewer associated.

Since the program's menu is integrated into Explorer, we can invoke the program with a right click on any file. The program will thus handle the "Open With" requests in Windows Explorer.

Most of us install a lot of software in our computer, and those programs may change the file types associations upon each launch. File Type Mechanic can also be used to monitor these changes in file type associations and revert them automatically.

Shaheen Khan
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  • Can monitor any changes in file types and revert them automatically


  • We cannot add types of files to ignore list (audio file, backup file, etc). We can only add file extensions
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